New Research Reveals The Great Lengths Millennials Are Willing To Go For Fame


NEW YORK— More than a quarter of millennials would quit their job to become famous, according to new research released today by Clapit, the social entertainment network empowering individuals to showcase their talent in a positive way. Beyond that, almost one fifth of millennials secretly hope they will become famous and are willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. In fact, one in 12 would completely detach themselves from their family to become famous. This questions whether fame is becoming a more desirable career goal with Clapit’s research revealing one in 10 millennials would rather be famous than go to college or even graduate. In fact, younger generations are becoming much more accustomed to superstars who rose to fame through the Internet with one in eight millennials revealing they are more familiar with social media celebrities when compared to TV and movie stars.

“There’s no doubt that social media is making fame more desirable than ever before for today’s generation. Social media platforms have democratized the talent discovery process, allowing for people of all ages and talents to share their work with the world. No longer do celebrities solely live on stages and movie screens, but they are born in their homes and are accessible to us in ours,” said Mary Jane Bulseco, Chief Operating Office and Co-Founder of Clapit.

The study, conducted with accredited third party research firm YouGov, revealed that the desire for fame is definitely beginning to overshadow previous, more traditional career paths.

Additional Key Findings Include:

  • Millennials might be seeking new career paths with almost one third of millennials (30%) revealing they would rather be famous than become a lawyer and almost one quarter (23%) would rather be famous than be a doctor
  • Unlike previous generations, more millennials are delaying marriage and kids for the sake of their career. In fact, Clapit revealed that one in nine millennials would rather be famous than get married and one in six would forego having children for the possibility of fame
  • Fame might be the new college degree with one in 10 millennials revealing they would rather be famous than go to college or graduate
  • Fame knows no borders with just over one quarter (27%) of millennials would move to another country to become famous.
  • Fame trumps both family and love with one in 12 millennials revealing they would completely detach themselves from their family to become famous and one in 14 would break up with their significant other for the hopes of gaining fame

While the idea of fame has always been attractive, the rise of viral sensations has made that idea appear more attainable than ever before, transforming how talent and next generation celebrities are ultimately created. In fact, Clapit’s research reveals more than one quarter of millennials believe that social media platforms are the future of how true, unknown talent will be uncovered. Social media celebrities are gaining more visibility than ever before indicating the possibility of social media celebrities completely replacing TV and movie stars in the future. In fact, according to Clapit’s research, one in 10 millennials already believe that will be the case and one in eight feel TV and movie stars will become completely irrelevant in the future indicating the significant role social media is playing in the lives of today’s emerging artists.

“Social media is the future of talent discovery and we’ll only continue to see more celebrities gain fame through these channels. At Clapit, we feel the aspirations of today’s generation, however different than the past, warrants a community to support them. And that’s exactly what we provide.”

Research Methodology

Clapit commissioned YouGov PLC—a third party, professional research and consulting organization—to poll the views of a representative sample of 2,450 Americans. Fieldwork was undertaken between December 14 and 15, 2016. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

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Headquartered in New York, Clapit supports rising artists by giving them the opportunity to upload short clips of their talent to the app with the best videos receiving “claps” to heighten the artist’s chances of gaining global recognition. Clapit’s ambassador-led open calls provide an easy and organized journey for individuals from across the globe to showcase their talent from anywhere- no matter the location. Clapit has created a community where individuals reward and support each other in a positive way aiming to transform how people from across the world come together on social media.

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