Community Guidelines

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Community Guidelines

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clapit Community Guidelines

clapit intends to foster a community that allows users to applaud the best content in a safe and positive environment.  We encourage diversity and respect from our users and have established these guidelines for the information and benefit of the global clapit community.

clapit believes in freedom of expression.  We recognize that individuals are exactly that – individual.  Please remember that what is unacceptable to you may be perfectly ok to someone else, and therefore not everything you find offensive with be in breach of these guidelines.  For that reason, in addition to reporting inappropriate content you also have the option to unfollow or block another user.

clapit reserves the right to take immediate action in the event a user violates these guidelines.  Action may include warnings, suspension or immediate termination of a user’s clapit account.  Criminal violations will immediately be notified to the relevant law enforcement authority.  We may also work with law enforcement in the event we believe there is a real risk of physical harm or threats to public safety.

These Community Guidelines may be amended over time.  For the most recent version of the guidelines please refer to


Sexual Exploitation/Nudity

Whilst we appreciate that nudity can often be used as a valid form of art or expression, some Users in the clapit community may still find this offensive.  We will remove posts containing nudity displaying the following: genitals, fully exposed buttocks or material of a sexually vulgar nature.  Content depicting breastfeeding or mastectomy scarring are allowed.

We will also remove images or detailed descriptions of sexual acts, sexual violence or exploitation.  Where necessary law enforcement will be notified.


Child Exploitation

clapit has a zero tolerance policy in relation to content celebrating or promoting child pornography, abuse or exploitation of any kind.  Offenders will have their accounts terminated and, where relevant, their details reported to the relevant authorities.


Violence/Graphic Content

We recognize that being part of a caring and responsible community is to raise awareness and support for issues of public concern such as human rights violations, domestic abuse and other serious issues.  We ask that users be mindful of the impact that these types of posts may have on others and alert their followers of the fact that such content may contain disturbing images.

Content which promotes, celebrates or encourages violence will be removed.



Bullying and harassment have no place in the clapit community.  Any comment or contents that target individuals by way of shaming, degrading, harassing or blackmailing will be removed.  In addition, any content encouraging this behavior will also be removed.


Hate Speech

Hate speech directed at any individual or group base don race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability or disease will be removed.  Organisations or individuals promoting hatred on clapit will have their accounts terminated.

Challenging this behavior is an important component to effecting positive change on society.  If your intention is to raise awareness of these issues you must clearly express this in your post, otherwise it may be removed.


Self Harm

clapit encourages our users to be understanding and empathetic to the personal difficulties that other members of the community may face.  People seeking support or creating awareness of self harm issues such as eating disorders, cutting or other forms of self harm are welcome at clapit, however individuals encouraging, urging or mocking self harm are not.  We will disable or remove the accounts of these users if it is reported to us.


Illegal Activity

Facilitation, promotion or organization of criminal acts is prohibited on clapit.  This includes, but is not limited to, supporting terrorism, organized crime, hate groups, firearms activity, promoting illegal or prescription drugs, prostitution or child pornography.  clapit does not allow promotion of online gambling.

clapit will cooperate with the relevant law enforcement authorities as required in relation to illegal activity within the clapit community.



You must not publish other individuals private and confidential information.  You also can not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without that individual(s) consent.  For more information refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.



We rely on our all our users to promote a positive and safe environment.  If you see something on clapit that violates these guidelines, our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please report it. We will work as quickly as possible to take action on any content that doesn’t meet our guidelines.

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