Clapit Pro Subscription

Upgrade your profile to Clapit Pro at $4.99 a month, $49.00 a year, or $2.99 a day, and make it even easier to connect with the film industry! With Clapit Pro, you will receive the following additional features:

  • The ability to participate in open calls and to audition for roles in films and shows

  • The ability to upload and display a video reel/file on your profile page

  • The ability to display a link to your IMDB page on your profile

  • Additional stats fields on your profile, including hair color, eye color, and age range played

  • Access to Clapit's Entertainment News page

  • A section to list your additional skills on your profile (e.g. stage combat, dance, languages spoken, driving, etc.)

  • Access to Clapit Messenger, which will you the ability to text and video message other Pro users

  • Access to the Clapit Pro Chat Room