Clapit is the talent discovery app that crowdsources professional and amateur actors straight into film & TV roles. The two winners of clapit’s #DustNuggetsfilm open call will perform speaking roles in the feature film “Dust Nuggets” by filmmaker Sue Lange.All people ages 16+ who are legal residents of the USA are eligible to enter. No prior acting experience is required. Open to union & non-union.. There is no charge to download clapit or enter the contest.

IMPORTANT: Clapit reserves the right to disqualify any Entrant in breach of the Official Rules.

To audition please improvise one of the following character breakdowns:-

OPTION 1 – FAN #1 – Male Role

You are a fanatical music lover, almost a fanboy. You go to every indie concert in your town. You came to see your favorite band, Quail (they opened once for Jack White) and are ecstatic that you’ve just been blown away by a new band, known as Dust Nuggets. What’s really exciting is that they don’t have a bass player. What balls!  You’re with your friend and are expressing your excitement, Improvise this scene!

OPTION 2 – CINDY – Female Role

You are the local Miss Thing. You are very popular with probably 10,000 followers on Instagram which you’ve used to your advantage in your wildly popular organic eucalyptus business. Out in the real world you are not just on the scene, you are the scene. You go to all the area events and have just been blown away by a new band: Dust Nuggets. You are attracted to Jolson the drummer, who in turn is drooling over you.  We want to watch you in your audition video flirt with him. Improvise this scene!


    1. Download clapit from the iTunes App Store.
    2. Between March 24, 2019 – April 6, 2019, post one 20-second video audition onto clapit. Be sure to write #DustNuggetsfilm, your name, your age, and your city & state of legal residence in your post.
    3. Invite your family, friends & fans over text, email & social media to download clapit and “clap” (vote) for your performance.

Filmmakers Sue Lange & Andrew Pochan will choose one female winner from the top 5  most clapped female auditions and one male winner from the top 5 most clapped male auditions plus the clapback audition.  These finalists get the chance of winning the two roles.