hello world. This is clapit!

As the founders we’re excited to welcome you to this fun, dynamic social network.


clapit is a new, fun way for people to connect and build their own social channel by clapping the content they love.  Free of algorithms and rants, clapit is a real social media community champion!


Now you can clap content from your world, showing your friends and followers what you love. Your favourite articles, videos and images from the web all in one place to be applauded by our community!


Clap the content you love and the journey begins to the world’s best feed.  A content democracy where you clap photos, videos and gifs from your iphone gallery and any photos, videos and articles online by selecting clapit in your iphone share tool, on your web browser.


And our favourite on clapit, introducing the selfimoticon!  Now you can express how you really feel about content using a selfie in our clapit bubble.  Be creative, the reaction to content is yours to express.


At clapit we support the emerging, whether you’re an actor, artist, musician, designer, model or someone with a unique talent. The clapit community wants to applaud you on to the world’s stage.


If you love it, clapit!




PJ, Stan and MJ


find it    hear it    see it   love it   clapit !