Search for an Ambassador
Introducing ambassador Anthony Castro who explains "how you audition" on clapit!
#singit launching in 2021!
Scout Taylor Compton on set of the studio film Room 9 by filmmaker Thomas Walton.
One More Thing a film by Bobby McGruther
Katia Silva talks about her experience winning a speaking role in the feature film "One More Thing" by filmmaker Bobby McGruther.
#danceit 2021
Clapit Ad feature films.
Actor, Chance King
Actor Jeremy Jackson talks about clapit & the upcoming film "Son of an Angel".
"Son of an Angel" by Hollywood filmmakers Thomas Walton & Jared Safier.
Giana Carli - actor & ambassador
#danceit, #loveit, #clapit
Goodnight Death by filmmaker Elsa Levytsky
Adrian on set of Richard Rossi's film Canaan Land.
Filmmaker Joseph Ariola.
Theophilus London mentoring aspiring singer/songwriter Joey Rodriguez in New York.
Actors Zach Attwood & Skylar Blakeley
Filmmaker Elsa Levytsky talks about what she looks for when casting actors.
Actor & ambassador Kerrys Hensch This is real comedy, super funny!
Actor & Ambassador Anthony Castro explains how to produce your 30 sec video audition on clapit.
Actor Maurice Mack's winning audition for "The Meeting" by filmmakers Howard Nash (Tiger, featuring Mickey Rourke and Russ Emanuel, Chasing the Green, featuring the late John Heard).
Ambassador Giana Carli
"Let's dance it" open call on clapit this year? Why not!
A scene from the film "Not Without Alonzo" by filmmaker Timothy Lee Connely with actors cast on clapit. Lambert Tamin won the role of Dr. Dre, Colin Bullock won the role of Eazy-E & Tera Prowell won the role of Tiffany.
Clapit Ad - a clap is a vote
Actor & Ambassador Kerrys Hensch - behind the scenes before posting a 30 sec video audition on clapit.
"Clapit’s “Search for an Ambassador” Open Call 23 January 2021 - 2 February 2021 " Open Call audition

Rocio Geraldine - Los Angeles
A still from a self tape I was working on.
Actor, Brandon Sutton
One of my dramatic headshots!
"Mary Jane Bulseco "Meet a Filmmaker" Open Call" Open Call audition

"Mary Jane Bulseco "Meet a Filmmaker" Open Call" Open Call audition Rocio Geraldine, LA. A scene from Little Women
"Mary Jane Bulseco "Meet a Filmmaker" Open Call" Open Call audition

Kerrys Hensch, NYC. A scene from Fatal Attraction.
One of the auditions that I really enjoyed doing on Clapit .
Given the launch of the new Clapit platform's first open call tomorrow, here's one of the first auditions I submitted via Clapit! My audition was sent to the filmmaker and I was cast in this role 🙂
Doing red carpet interviews For Blackout at the NJIIFF film festival
Movie Poster for a short film where I played the lead.
Me on set playing "Karen the Waitress" in the feature Fair haven by Bobby McGruther.
Onset for The Secret Dream by Stefano Da Fre and Laura Pellegrini. The first feature I was lucky enough to be cast in on Clapit
On set of the feature film, Chronicle of a Serial Killer, by filmmaker Steve Stanulis. I was cast in a speaking role through Clapit! The film stars Steve Stanulis, Dominique Swain, Brendan Saxton III, and DMX.
One of the roles I received through Clapit was a speaking role in the short, 'Fight'! The short was filmed in New York and surrounds an underground riches and glory fight between the toughest fighters in town. I played the role Kacey, a wealthy match attendee.
On set of 'Fight' with actor, Andrew Martyn. We both were cast through Clapit for our roles! This was such a fun experience!
Back in 2018, my friend Rick Van Hattum and I brought a few films to life. Rick's film Conscience was shot at night, and was eccentric to shoot. Cheers Rick, andmiss workingwith you on set Joe Seong!
The film Lily was a project created by The Newark Indie Film Collective, one that took a lot of hard work in order to get the choreography just right, as there was an elongated fight scene that was well worth completing. Natchayka, it was great working with you on this. Also, great work team!
Now these photos are from Olivia Chen's film Friends, one which one an award for Best Indie Short Film at the NYC / Indie Film Collective Film Fest back in 2019. Juan Cardenas was a pleasure to act alongside in this one & Comlan Giles did a great job behind the camera too. Amazing work team!
These are some shots of me working on the set of the sci-fi action film Extraction Point, where I grappled with Bryan C. King, an actual kick boxer! With the proper choreography of coarse! Thanks Franklin!
Had an amazing time working with Michael Tota (Filmmaker), Ray Sammak,(Co-Star) & Bigger Boat Pictures on their film Mis-Connected, where I not only earned the lead role through Clapit during it's beta phase, but I also assisted with some sound by working with the boom mic! Great working with you too Brooke, and looking forward to working with you again Mike.
Here's a collage of photos from my time on the set of John Gallagher's film Sarah Q., where I: acted opposite Tony Sirico (Paulie - The Sopranos), had a blast being directed by John, and was the first role that I earned through Clapit during it's beta phase. God bless you and your family John, and thanks again for choosing to work with me. Video Clips coming soon!
The feature film American Wisper is available on Amazon Prime. Check it out! Our film network produced American Wisper, Mary Jane Bulseco clapit founder served as an Exec Producer with filmmakers Howard Nash & Russell Emanuel.
These are 5 roles that I've earned during Clapit's beta phase: Mis-Connected - by Michael Tota, Sarah Q - by John Gallagher, Savage Midlife - by Nic Costa, Lockdown Love - by Mary Jane Bulseco, You Said What? - by Michael Tota, Looking forward to 2021! Thanks again Clapit!
clapit ad (welcome).
On set of the trailer for "Son of an Angel" a feature by filmmakers Thomas Walton & Jared Safier.
Introducing ambassadors Giana Carli & Anthony Castro
Feast of All Souls
Untitled Studio Sequel
Founder & filmmaker Mary Jane Bulseco in Sydney Australia directing clapit ads with actor Billie Jones.
DDD Entertainment. Watch DDD originals, Hollywood films, TV shows and classic films right here on clapit. Coming soon on January 1!
Lockdown Love
On Call
Film director Thomas Walton on set of the feature film "Son of an Angel".
Ambassador & actor Kevin Brodie on set of the film "The Immigrant" by filmmaker D.J. Higgins.
Clapit open call winners Alexis VanDerGaag and Armani DelRio working on the feature film "I, Declare War" by filmmaker R.L. Scott.
Clapit open call winner Alicia Ocana on the set of "REVELATION:The Unveiling" with filmmaker Jason DeStefano and cast members.
Clapit Ambassador Anthony Castro was cast a the lead role on the short film "MISCONNECTED" by filmmaker Michael Tota on clapit!
Chris Blunt's winning audition for the #meetafilmmakerT-Walton open call. Chris met with filmmaker homas Walton for a one hour video meeting and will have the opportunity to audition for one of Thomas's upcoming projects!
Clapit open call winners @Hardie and @MariaGabriela with filmmaker Tiffany Toney on the set of "Shot to the Heart"!
Clapit open call winner J.P. Valenti on the set of the feature film “Acrylic” by Greg Hatanaka.
Pre-production trailer of the feature film Samland by filmmaker Juan Pablo Reyes. The lead actor Hanna Balicki was discovered on clapit!
Actor Billie Jones tells us where clapit is from.
Filmmaker Beth Rosen will launch her meet a filmmaker open call soon on clapit!
To find out more about what is going on in the clapit community go to entertainment news.
Beth Rosen Meetafilmmaker Open Call
Clapit open call winner Hanna Balicki was cast as Sam in the feature film "SAMLAND"!
Check out clapit actor Justin Word's winning audition for the series "The Meeting".
Hollywood filmmaker Tom Malloy talks to us about his films and gives clapit a thumbs up!
Actor Brandon Sutton talks about his journey so far and clapit!
Peter Pan - The Land of Forever launched an open call to audition for a male & female voice over on clapit!
Founder MJ Bulseco with Francis O'Toole at AFM, 2019.
Filmmaker Brian Barsuglia's red carpet event for the feature film Impact Event with cast & crew.
Jason Evan Barrett's winning audition for the feature film "Henry Hudson: DEAD MAN".
Filmmaker Thomas Walton. His film Room 9 was picked up by a major Hollywood studio to be released in 2021! Thomas cast 13 actors discovered on clapit...
Actor Quinn Landrum discovered on clapit tells us his story and gives other actors advise.
Actor Freya Adams (Advantageous, Blacklist) talks to our community. Welcome to clapit!
Actor Hanna Balicki discovered on clapit by filmmaker Juan Pablo Reyes and cast as the LEAD in his feature film Samland!
Filmmaker Joseph Ariolla's open call video. Joseph launched an open call to audition for his feature film Delusional on clapit in beta! Two aspiring actors won speaking roles.
Clap's open call winner Joe Lagville's winning audition for the "DOPE UNIT" open call.
Filmmaker Brian Barsuglia with acting legend Mickey Rooney on set. Brian has partnered with clapit in beta for several film "open calls" to audition.
Filmmaker Brian Barsuglia on set of one of his films. Brian launched an "open call" to audition for his feature film Forgotten Legacy on clapit during beta. Brian is part of the clapit network.
Founder MJ Bulseco with Actor Freya Adams (Advantageous, Blacklist) at the AFM (American Film Market) as special guests of one of the sponsors of Steven Nia from the W1 platform.
Clapit Ambassador Kevin Brodie talks about clapit!
Aspiring actor Chance King talks to us about being discovered on clapit!
Actor Omar Gooding will be part of the TV series D.O.P.E. Unit. An open call to audition will be launched soon!
Filmmaker Marc Clebanoff's production "Stripped" launched an open call to audition on clapit in 2019 offering up four speaking roles.
At the screening of the feature film Wisper with actor Michael Emery. American Wisper is now available on Amazon Prime.
Filmmaker Juan Pablo Reyes with actor Harvey Roberts on set the feature film Samland. Juan launched an open call to audition on clapit in beta and Harvey was discovered for the role.
Clapit open call winners Ambassador Giana Carli and Andrew Martyn on the set "FIGHT" by filmmaker Tamara Jones!
Filmmaker Jade Janise Dixon on set.
In Manhattan having dinner.
Actor & Ambassador Kevin Brodie explains "how it works" on clapit.
The clapit actors at the Hollywood Roosevelt in LA filming clapit ads.
Revelation: The Unveiling Film Open Call
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