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Hollywood film actress Natasha Bassett is hosting an open call on clapit to cast the female lead in a music video she is directing for the band Satellite Sky. Natasha is looking for females of any ethnicity who appear to be 19-30 years old.

Only non-SAG-AFTRA, non-union females 16+ years old in the USA and New South Wales, Australia are eligible to apply.

Character Breakdown from Natasha:

Natural, wild, and free-spirited. We want to see who YOU are.

The love of your life is standing in front of you and this is the last time you’ll see them again. You want them to stay with you, but it isn’t working. Using only your upper body and eyes/face (no dialogue), show us how you would try to convince them to be with you. In the final moment of the scene, show us your reaction as you watch them walk away forever.

Keeping in mind this is a music video, we are really looking for an actress who can convey emotional depth through her eyes. Someone who understands how to use movement and her body to express the journey of the character through an imaginative, subtle performance. Shoot from above waist with clear, natural lighting.

How to Apply:

  1. Download clapit from the app store.

  2. Between August 9 and August 27, 2017, post a 20-sec video audition onto clapit (see character breakdown above). In the text of your post, write #NatashaBassett as well as your name, age & location.

  3. Invite your family, friends and fans over text, email and social media to download clapit and “clap” your performance.

  4. Natasha Bassett and Satellite Sky will choose a winner from the top 5 most clapped auditions. Talent will receive an all-expenses paid trip to LA to star in the music video!

    There is no charge to download clapit or to enter the contest. Read our Terms and Conditions here.

#clapithost Open Call – winner announced!

clapit held an open call from July 17 to Aug 6, 2017 for a clapit host. Participants posted 20-second video impersonations of their favorite actors onto clapit. From the top 5 most clapped auditions, clapit co-founder/CEO MJ Bulseco chose JeanCarmen as the winner. JeanCarmen will be flown into New York to host clapit’s next feature film open call and to meet Steven Shapiro, Executive Producer of The November Man starring Pierce Brosnan.


 #HowardNash Open Call – winners announced!

Producer Howard Nash invited actors to submit a video audition from June 30 -July 15 for a speaking role in Wisper, his true crime thriller shot in New York City this July. Nash selected Joe Coppola from Staten Island, New York and Isabel Romero from Orlando, Florida as the winners from the top most clapped male and female auditions. Joe was chosen for the role of “Detective Shuster“ and Isabel was picked for the role of “Teresa.” Both Joe and Isabel came to NYC to appear in the new independent film Wisper.

Character Breakdowns

Male: Young cop, cool new wave professional. Night setting, family home, you are a new recruit arriving at the crime scene, viewing a gruesome murder for the first time!

Female: Teresa, from Harlem, best friend of teenage Janine. It’s Janine’s daytime birthday party at her family home and you give a short congratulatory speech about her before they cut the cake. 

Read Terms and Conditions here.

#moveit with @JaryR and @pgalbert on clapit –


 Featuring our hosts @JaryR and @pgalbert! Read Terms and Conditions here.

Clapit presents #moveit
#moveit hosts: @JaryR and @pgalbert
Music: Kingdom by Naations

Congratulations to our #singit with Leaf winner,
Cypress Whyman, 24, from Baton Rouge, LA

The lucky winner of #singit will win studio time in NYC with @ItsMeLeaf!


Clapit presents #singit with Leaf
Music: Money by Leaf (Remix by TroiBoi)
Video Production: Kash of YAKfilms.com
Follow Leaf on clapit: @itsmeleaf

Congratulations to our first #moveit winner,
Kayla Ellenwood, from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Kayla Ellenwood, a dancer from Fort Wayne, Indiana, won the #moveit Open Call hosted by @iamrichymon and @Erika Citrin. Congratulations Kayla!


Clapit presents #moveit with @iamrichymon and @erikacitrin
#moveit hosts: @iamrichymon and @erikacitrin
#moveit winner: Kayla Ellenwood
Music: Money by Leaf (Remix by Troiboi)

Congratulations to our #danceit with Vickatrillion winner,
Jahaira Resto, 24, from Astoria, NYC

Jahaira Resto, a 24 year old dancer from Astoria, Queens, won the #danceit with Vickatrilion Open Call. Jary was featured in a dance video with Vickatrillion.


Clapit presents #danceit with Vickatrillion
#danceit ambassador: Vickatrillion
#danceit winner: Jahaira Resto
Music: Money by Leaf (Remix by Troiboi)
Video Production: Vongsawat
Choreography: Omari and Shea Mizrahi
Filmed on location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Follow Jary on clapit: @JaryR
Follow Vickatrillion on clapit: @Vickatrillion

Congratulations to our #singit winner
Joey Rodriguez, 18, from Oakland, California

Joey Rodriguez, an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Oakland, California, won the first #singit Open Call and recorded his track in the studio with Theophilus London, courtesy of clapit.

Clapit presents #singit with Joey Rodriguez
#singit ambassador: Theophilus London
#singit winner: Joey Rodriguez
Producer: Paul Falcone, Downtown Music Studios
Music: Revenge by Theophilus London featuring Ariel Pink
Video Production: Kash of YAKfilms.com
Studios: Downtown Music Studios, NYC
Follow Joey on clapit: @JoeyRodriguez
Follow Theophilus London on clapit: @TheophilusLondon

Congratulations to our Dancing in the Streets #danceit winner
Richy Mon, 18, from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Richy Mon, our first dance open call winner, was voted by the Clapit community as America’s best new street dancer. Richy was flown to NYC where he performed alongside the best street dancers at an epic battle event in Manhattan, and shot his professional dance reel with choreography and support from Omari and Shea from House of Mizrahi.


Clapit presents Dancing in the Streets
#danceit Ambassadors: Omari Mizrahi & Shea Mizrahi
#danceit winner: Richy Mon
Event: Rep Your Style
Battle Winner: Banks Artiste
Choreographer: Mega Watt
Music: Tattoo by Calmani and Grey
Video Production: Kash of YAKfilms.com
Additional footage: Tom Edwards
Studios: Broadway Dance Center + Ripley Grier Studios