What is clapit?

Clapit is the social entertainment network where new talent is discovered. Emerging talent and performers upload a video, GIF or photo, to broadcast their talent to the world. The best content is clapped on, climbing to the best chart – and recognized by celebrities, influencers, and the global community.

How it works

Once you link Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to clapit, things you share and (heart) on these applications is bookmarked in the clapit “Keeps” section on your “Me” page.

Once you download clapit for free from the iOS store, add and invite your friends. Then shoot and upload a video, GIF or photo of your talent! The community will clap you on for your chance to be recognized on the global BEST chart – and be discovered.

Now, the fun part! Instead of emoticons, we bring you the selfie reaction – an option where you take a selfie and upload as a GIF or photo response to your friends’ content!

Why we built it

There is so much incredible talent across the world, just waiting to be recognized and discovered. We built clapit to create a home for everyone to have a true shot at living their dream of becoming a globally known singer, dancer, performer, skater… whatever it is that you have the talent for and want to share with the world!